Roorkee is well connected to Delhi by rail and road. It is situated on National Highways 58 and 73 and is on Amritsar-Howrah main rail route.

Some trains which are convenient for travelling between Delhi and Roorkee are New Delhi-Dehradun-New Delhi Shatabdi Express and Dehradun-New Delhi-Dehradun Janshatabdi Express. The nearest airport is located at Jollygrant, Dehradun. However, New Delhi is the preferred airport.

National Highway 58 from New Delhi to the higher reaches of the Himalayas passes via Roorkee. Roorkee is, therefore, well connected to all the major cities in the region by road. There are frequent bus services to this place from the Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminal (Kashmere Gate) Delhi.

Traveling from Delhi, Roorkee is located towards north approximately 170 kilometers. Take the highway NH58, and it passes through Roorkee. The city of Haridwar is located further on the same highway about 29 kilometers from Roorkee.

The main bus depot of Roorkee is located on NH58. Several buses run from various cities in North India.

You can also hire Car Taxi to travel between Delhi – Roorkee (or back) and Dehradun – Roorkee (or back). It would be cheaper to hire a taxi from Roorkee for either way travel. Pick-up and drops can be from/to hotel or airport.
You can contact following Roorkee-Based taxi operators for this purpose (by calling or SMS) who will provide services on negotiated prices:
Sh Rompy Kumar +91 9411151102
Sh. Parvesh Gautam +91 9837139329, +91 9084470715
Sh. Manoj Saini +91 9837058018, +91 412258018

Nearest airport to Roorkee is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport which has Air India, Spice Jet and Jet Airways services from New Delhi. But most preferable airport nearest from Roorkee is the New Delhi International Airport which is about 180 kilometers away.

Air Travels

Delhi Dehradun Flights


Airline Depart Place Duration   Arrive Place Price
  Spicejet SG-124 11:45 Delhi 00h 50m Non-Stop 12:35 Dehradun 1,503
  Spicejet SG-2515 16:20 Delhi 01h 00m Non-Stop 17:20 Dehradun 1,503
  Indigo 6E-964 11:20 Delhi 00h 50m Non-Stop 12:10 Dehradun 1,503
  Indigo 6E-966 13:00 Delhi 00h 50m Non-Stop 13:50 Dehradun 1,503
  Indigo 6E-246 16:35 Delhi 00h 50m Non-Stop 17:25 Dehradun 1,797
  JetAirWays 9W-2827 12:15 Delhi 01h 05m Non-Stop 13:20 Dehradun 2,233
  JetAirWays 9W-2652 16:15 Delhi 01h 10m Non-Stop 17:25 Dehradun 2,233
  JetAirWays 9W-2829 08:55 Delhi 01h 15m Non-Stop 10:10 Dehradun 2,997
  Indigo 6E-545 06:35 Delhi 00h 55m Non-Stop 07:30 Dehradun 3,311
  JetAirWays 9W-2807 15:00 Delhi 01h 00m Non-Stop 06:00 Dehradun 3,465


Dehradun → Delhi        
  Spicejet SG-103 13:10 Dehradun 00h 50m Non-Stop 14:00 Delhi 1,528
  Indigo 6E-679 12:50 Dehradun 00h 55m Non-Stop 13:45 Delhi 1,528
  JetAirWays 9W-2826 17:50 Dehradun 01h 10m Non-Stop 19:00 Delhi 1,626
  Indigo 6E-755 14:35 Dehradun 00h 50m Non-Stop 15:25 Delhi 2,064
  Spicejet SG-2516 18:00 Dehradun 01h 10m Non-Stop 19:10 Delhi 2,116
  Indigo 6E-963 17:55 Dehradun 01h 05m Non-Stop 19:00 Delhi 2,760
  JetAirWays 9W-2882 16:25 Dehradun 01h 00m Non-Stop 17:25 Delhi 3,491
  AirIndia AI-9610 19:00 Dehradun 01h 00m Non-Stop 20:00 Delhi 3,881
  JetAirWays 9W-2837 10:50 Dehradun 01h 00m Non-Stop 11:50 Delhi 4,010
  JetAirWays 9W-2787 13:50 Dehradun 01h 00m Non-Stop 14:50 Delhi 5,206
  AirIndia AI-9646 07:50 Dehradun 00h 55m Non-Stop 08:45 Delhi 8,039


Easiest way to get to Roorkee is by train. There are several trains serving Roorkee daily from various cities around. The high speed trains Shatabdi and Jan Shatabti also stop at Roorkee on their route Delhi – Dehradun. By train, it takes less than 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Roorkee from Delhi, so it is the fastest and most economical way of travel.

Incidentally, the first locomotive of India ran on rails in Roorkee in 1846, well before the first passenger rail that ran in Thane.

Reserved Train Between Stations

1A: 1 AC; 2A: 2 AC; 3A: 3 AC; SL: Non-AC Sleeper; EC: Executive Chair car; CC: AC Chair Car; 2S: Non-AC Seating

NEW DELHI – NDLSHazrat Nizamuddin – NZM (in Delhi)

Old Delhi – DLI

Delhi Cant – DEC



Train Number Train Name Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Travel Time Days of Run Classes of Travel
19609 UDZ HW EXP DLI 03:40 RK 08:43 05:03 N Y N N Y N Y 2A  3A  SL
19031 HARIDWAR MAIL DEC 04:21 RK 10:51 06:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3A  SL
19019 DEHRADUN EXP NZM 05:45 RK 13:15 07:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A  3A  SL
12017 DEHRADUN SHTBDI NDLS 06:45 RK 10:38 03:53 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y EC  CC
22659 DEHRADUN EXP NZM 11:00 RK 14:43 03:43 N N N N N N Y 2A  3A  SL
14317 IND DDN EXPRESS NZM 11:30 RK 16:05 04:35 Y N N N N N Y 2A  3A  SL
12911 BL HARIDWAR EXP NZM 11:00 RK 14:43 03:43 N N Y N N N N 2A  3A  SL
18477 UTKAL EXPRESS NZM 15:00 RK 19:32 04:32 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A  3A  SL
12055 DDN JANSHTBDI NDLS 15:20 RK 18:46 03:26 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CC  2S
12205 NANDA DEVI EXP NDLS 23:50 RK 03:10 03:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3A




Train Number Train Name Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Travel Time Days of Run Classes
12206 NANDA DEVI EXP RK 01:43 NDLS 05:20 03:37 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3A
18478 KALINGAUTKALEXP RK 06:35 NZM 11:45 05:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A  3A  SL
12056 NDLS JANSHATABDI RK 07:03 NDLS 11:15 04:12 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CC  2S
19020 DEHRADUN EXP RK 14:50 NZM 21:15 06:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A  3A  SL
19032 YOGA EXPRESS RK 16:25 DEC 22:58 06:33 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1A  2A  3A  SL
12018 DEHRADUN SHTBDI RK 18:51 NDLS 22:45 03:54 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y EC  CC
22918 HW BDTS SF EXP RK 19:40 NZM 23:10 03:30 N N N Y N N N 2A  3A  SL


The climate here is extreme during winters as well as summers. During winters, the temperature falls down to as low as 1–20 C. In summers the temperature goes up to as high as 41–43 C. The rainfall is average and the downpour is heavy in the months of July and August.

Travel Advisory: This information will be updated soon.