About Conference

This conference aims at bringing together the industry and academia involved in the transportation sector. The conference will emphasize on a two-way learning process i.e. from industry to academia and from academia to industry. Relatively higher importance will be given to case studies from the transportation sector, construction industries, consulting agencies and academia involved in such studies. The focus will remain to understand how transportation infrastructure projects have been conceptualized, designed and executed so as to bring the desired development in an area. The case studies from industry will present the bottlenecks experienced during the implementation of the project from its conceptualization stage to the execution stage and the corrective measures that were incorporated to achieve ultimate success. The case studies from academia will provide insights of the contributions made by them for the successful implementation of the projects on which consultation was sought by the Project Implementation Agencies (PIAs). Expected outcome of this conference will be the higher interaction between industry and academia in future. In the light of these, the conference will initiate the discussions in the following pattern:

A. It WILL NOT be related to

  • What can be done?
  • How can be done?
  • When can be done?

B. It WILL talk about

  • Why and what was done?
  • How it was done?
  • What pitfalls were encountered?
  • How it impacted and corrected?
  • Roles played by academia and PIAs?
  • What were the learning lessons?