Presenters Info
Submissions and presentations submitted to the conference will be of immense value if they are embedded with a combined flavour as:
1. Academia – Programme Implementation Unit (PIU)
2. Academia – Consultant of the project – PIU
3. Academia – Government authorities
4. Consultant – PIU
5. Government – Consultant (with / without PIU)
6. Any other fruitful combination
Abstract Submission:
Transportation professionals across streams (academia, PIUs, consultants, Government officials, freelance) are encouraged to submit EXTENDED abstract of 1500 words. The abstracts shall be submitted through email as with a copy to
Abstract Content
Abstract shall be framed with FIVE paragraphs with each emphasising the following:
1. Field of discussion (planning/design/execution/operation), involvement of professionals from different fields, context and scope of work discussed, place of work
2. Data needs and sources, data generation effort, intervention from local/global guidelines, intervention from involved transportation professionals
3. Difficulties and pitfalls observed during planning/design/construction/operation of the project,
4. Technical/financial/social impact of the pitfalls observed and corrective measures taken
5. Final implication of the project at local/regional/national/global level. Learning lessons taken forward and disseminated / to be disseminated.
In this way it will be able to provide answers to the following concerns:
a. Why and what was done
b. How it was done
c. Roles played by different transportation professionals
d. What pitfalls were encountered
e. How they impacted and were corrected
f. What were the learning lessons taken forward and needs dissemination
Abstract Format
The format of the abstract shall be as follows:
Margins: Left side 3.2 cm (1.25 inch), Right side 2.54 cm (1 inch), Top and Bottom 2.54 cm (1 inch)
Font Name: Times New Roman, Regular for text and BOLD for Title
Font Point: 14 for TITLE and 12 for text
Line spacing: 1.5 for text and single for title, authors’ name and affiliation
Paragraph spacing: 6 points before and after
Alignment: Left for text with Outline level set as ‘Body text’ and centre for TITLE, Authors’ name and authors’ Affiliation
Header: set with Authors’ name as <Surname> <First name>, in Font size 10 aligned RIGHT
Footer: set with conference name ‘Transportation Infrastructure Projects: Conception to Execution’ in font size 10, aligned RIGHT
One line gap between title and authors’ name, and between authors’ name and authors’ affiliation. Two line gap between affiliation and text of abstract.
Table and figure can be embedded in the text if so needed. References cited in the text can be over and above 1500 word limit.